About us:

Carekørp has its origins in commercial construction. Our team has 20 years of building experience with a focus on aged care homes and public works projects. In 2018 we were approached by one of our clients who was looking to install the latest in antimicrobial technology and innovation into their new aged care & dementia facility.  Protecting residents and staff from healthcare-associated infections was a top priority for our client. This led us to Scandinavia where we found a very different & innovative approach to aged care.  We decided to bring this Scandinavian quality & innovation to Australia so that all Australians could benefit from this forward-thinking approach.  As a result, Carekørp was established  & ever since we have been working with our partners in Scandinavia to bring the best in quality healthcare products to Australia & NZ.


At Carekørp  our philosophy is :

  • To create safer communities through antimicrobial products that deliver better hygiene and infection control, especially among residents & staff in aged care.

  •  To empower the disabled & elderly to live in their own homes for longer and to install confidence & independence to allow them to be active in their workplace for longer.

  • To provide Care Homes and Hospitals with the best infrastructure & maintenance service so that they can focus on what they do best which is caring for their community.