Height adjustment rail

Original Rail.JPG
  • Original, Mini, Aino, and Senior basins require two 

  • Color: white

  • Material: aluminum

  • Width: 100mm

  • Height: 360mm

  • LVI code: 5631129

Product Code# 6232W

Accordian pipe for water trap

Original accordian 992600.JPG

Product Code# 992600

• Ø 32/32
• Accordion model
• Extends from 350 to 800 mm
• For electrical and crank height adjustable basins

Color: white

Material: plastic

Crank height adjustment

Original Crabk 6236N.JPG

Product Code# 6236N

Provides smooth and easy customization of the Original basin height, to perfectly fit and adapt to your needs. 

  • removable crank

  • adjustment range: 200 mm

  • metal parts coated with antimicrobial polymer paint 

Mounting hardware (6218-Z) and accordion pipe 992600 sold separately. 

  • Color: black

Telescope Pipe for water trap

Product Code# X300

Original Telescop X300.JPG

Suitable for manually height adjustable basins.

Product details

  • Color: white

  • Material: plastic

Mounting acid proof screws

  • For fixed and height adjustable Original-, Aino-, Mini-, Maxi-, Life- and Senior basins 

  • Material: stainless steel

8 Screws.Product Code# 6218-Z

12 Screws. Product Code# 6216-Z