CareHomes & Dimentia units

Gaius Care is a comprehensive solution for care homes, nursing homes and assisted living facilities where every dimension, function and ergonomic detail is carefully planned. Every inch has been meticulously designed to make the space large enough for a walker or a wheelchair.

  • Ergonomically designed products and non-slip elastomer surfaces add to comfort and safety.

  • Our rails are fitted with a counterbalance mechanism for effort-less operation

  • Thanks to height-adjustable furniture and accessories, this solution accommodates all users regardless of their physical attributes.

  • Colourful (Red & Grey) surfaces and strips on rails, supports and fixtures facilitate spatial perception

  • The single-rail height adjustment system ensures that the shower seat is easy to place at the desired height.

  • Thanks to the structure and materials used, the furniture and accessories are always hygienic without protective casings.

  • Storage cabinets are made of moisture-resistant laminate suitable for wetrooms as per EN 312.

  •  Antimicrobial surfaces stop microbes from spreading and prevent infectious diseases.

  • Lighting is indirect and flicker-free, and does not trigger migraine or epileptic seizures.


Designed in Finland