Hospital Basin

Hospital Basin.JPG

 Product Code: 6502GAM (with overflow)

 Product Code: 6519GAM (without overflow)


Hospital basins are made of a durable and antimicrobial cast marble. The Hospital basin has fixed rails on both sides to support standing and ease approach. The rounded front edge combined with the side rails, with antimicrobial elastomeric coating, form a uniform support rail. The angle of the front rim ensures that splashes stay inside the basin. Rails are available in different accent colours, to promote better spatial recognition.  

A toilet paper dispenser, wall brackets, and fixed water trap are included with the basin. Mounting hardware sold separately. Manual or electric height adjustments are available for the model. 

Hand rails can support up to 160 kg (Etteplan test). All basins have been CE-certified. The basin is customizable to come without overflow. 

Product details

  • Colour: Red or Grey

  • Material: cast marble

  • Width: 800mm

  • Height: 800mm

 Product Code: 6500RAM (with overflow)

 Product Code: 6517RAM (without overflow)


Designed in Finland