Tilto EHR

Hepro Tilto EHR is known for its ergonomic seat and backrest. The chair has a plethora of different adjustment options that facilitate greater mobility and freedom of movement. Tilto EHR is avaliable with Hepro's proprietary wheel base and provides ample legroom and improved mobility.
Tilto EHR has extra high back and neck rests to provide superior support and relief. This model is designed specifically for users who spend a lot of time sitting in an ergonomic chair. Hepro Tilto EHR can tilt backwards to relieve pressure points and open the airways. This model includes an inflatable lumbar support.
Hepro Tilto EHR is available with an adjustable gas or electric seat lift stem of 10, 15 or 20 cm.
Tilt feature
Our Tilto models have a unique tilt feature that provides enhanced freedom of movement and mobility. While working, it’s easy to end up in a prolonged slouched sitting position, which reduces your circulation. With the tilt feature in the open position, the chair tracks your body’s movements while putting you in a relaxed sitting position that opens the airways, expands your chest and improves your circulation. This motion also varies your posture, relieving exposed pressure points and providing better blood flow throughout the pelvis, hips and thighs.


Gas model shown on photo

Gas/Electric Options:

Gas lift 10cm. Product Code 30320

Gas Lift 15cm Product Code 30322

Gas Lift 20cm Product Code 30324

Electric Seat Lift 15 cm. Product Code 30358

Electric Seat Lift 20cm. Product Code 30359



  • Escort Handle. Product Code 31288

  • Trunk support integrated in back-rest  Product Code 31595

  • Electric Brake. Product Code 31674

  • Table. Product Code 31681

  • Back-rest cushion EHR 400 with trunk support Product Code 32178



Designed  and made in Norway