Sense corner basin with overflow

With Overflow Product Code# 65001

Sense Corner 65001.JPG

Without Overflow Product Code# 6500

Sense 65001G.JPG

Grey accented handle

 Product Code# 65001G

Sense 65001R.JPG

Red accented handle

 Product Code# 65001R

Gaius Sense Corner basins are made of a durable and antimicrobial composite material. The basin is seamless, with fixed rails in front to support standing and ease approach. The angle of the front rim ensures that splashes stay inside the basin. Additional accent colour strips are available for the rails to promote better spatial recognition.

The basin design embodies the new European PMR standard, which requires 300 mm empty space below to allow for wheelchair access. 

A toilet paper dispenser, a white pop-up drain plug, fixed water trap, and mounting hardware are included with the basin. The basin can be customized to not include the overflow drain opening.

The side width is 840 mm, with 740 mm diagonal length from the corner to the front rim. Load-bearing capacity of the basin is +400 kg.

Product details

  • Color: white

  • Material: composite

  • Width: 840mm

  • Height: 203mm

  • Depth: 840mm


Designed in Finland

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