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“Harbison has been the leading aged care provider in the Southern Highlands for over 60 years. Recently we have upgraded and renovated our sites and during this process we have consciously sought to take advantage of advances in technology and equipment to benefit our residents and staff.

Harbison wants to provide residents with safe quality care and a key focus is delivering a clean yet homelike environment. Harbison has a great track record for infection prevention and control, but we are always looking for ways to further reduce our risk.

Bathrooms are among the most contaminated areas in any care environment. Basins and handrails are the worst offenders. We were inspired by the Scandinavian healthcare system which is at the forefront of infection prevention and control in residential aged care and hospitals.


We chose to work with Finnish company, Korpinen, who are represented by Carekørp in Australia and New Zealand. Korpinen has extensive experience in providing antimicrobial bathrooms for residential aged care and hospitals throughout Scandinavia. Their wide range of antimicrobial bathroom suites are not only beautifully designed, they are also highly effective and practical. It gives us peace of mind that the antimicrobial coating, which is impregnated in the product, is always working around the clock to kill 99% of bacteria within 2 hours of contact. Furthermore, the strong colour accents on Carekørp’s range of basins and grab rails are designed to assist people with dementia with wayfinding to support their independence and dignity. By enabling our residents we reduce their reliance on nursing staff for everyday tasks.


The introduction of these user-focussed antimicrobial bathrooms in our new dementia specific unit has been a gamechanger for us, and we are now committed to installing Carekørp’s antimicrobial bathrooms into all our refurbished resident rooms at Harbison Moss Vale. Thanks to our relationship with Carekørp, we had a head start on hygiene control before COVID-19 arrived. In the age of pandemics and growing healthcare associated infections I expect Carekørp’s antimicrobial bathrooms and products to be the logical and preferred choice for anyone in the healthcare industry.


Harbison is all about people, and in the people at Carekørp we have found great partners. Working with Carekørp has allowed us to improve our infection prevention and control at Harbison, and their range antimicrobial products fits perfectly with our core values of quality care and safety for our residents and workforce.”


David Cochran - CEO Harbison