Arctic 17

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The Arctic 17 Tilt & Swing is the most advanced of our models. The chair can be tilted all the way to the back in a lying position for optimal relief. Arctic 17 Tilt is suitable for you who spend a lot of time in the chair and therefore need varied relief.

The swing release is easily accessible in the right armrest, and very easy to operate. In the new Arctic 17, we have developed a new pillow set in 2-layer foam for better pressure relief and even better seating.

This chair features our advanced mechanical lifting mechanism to make the chair even more robust, stable and safe.

The Arctic 17 is a modern Scandinavian design , but at the same time timeless. The chair has tight lines and shades in the fabric so that it appears as new, even after long-term use. 

Product Customisation

  • Adjustable chair seat width options

    • 40-50 cm ​(user weight <165 kg)

    • 45-55 cm ​(user weight <165 kg)

    • 50-60 cm ​(user weight <165 kg)

    • 55-65 cm  (user weight <165 kg)
    • 60-70 cm (user weight <260 kg)
  • Material Options
    • Fabric​
    • Leather​
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Designed & made in Norway