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Product Code 32550

The Kilo Work/Life  chair with electric seat lift for users that weight up to 230 kg.


The Kilo chair is designed for heavier users that need an electric seat lift function, whilst also providing abundant mobility. Kilo is a sturdy chair with electric seat lift with 10 cm lift height. It has armrests that can be folded behind and makes it easy to move to / from another chair or wheelchair. Kilo can help activate users that are sitting still for longer periods of time, due to their higher weight. With wide wheels, the chair rolls easily, and the solid base makes the chair sturdy and secure. It is possible to adjust the back angle as required. Kilo is supplied without seat rotation.

  • Product Details:

  • User weight max. 230 kg

  • Seat cushion, width 55 cm

  • Seat depth 52 cm

  • Seat height 43 - 53 cm

  • Backrest cushion, width 44 cm

  • Backrest cushion, height 43 cm

  • Backrest height 34 - 43 cm

  • Armrest 20 - 27 cm

  • Width between armrests 60 - 71 cm

  • Chairs largest outside width 87 cm


  • Incontinence cover Product Code 32713


Designed  and made in Norway