Support Rails


Product Code (670mm) : 330004G

Product Code (800mm) : 20106G

Product Code (900mm) : 20204G

Product Code (670mm) : 330004R

Product Code 800mm : 20106R

Product Code (900mm) : 20204G

Regal light support rail 670mm  (height adjustable)  

Regal support rails are ergonomically shaped to improve functionality, and to suit both private and public bathroom facilities. These height adjustable support rails have a white antimicrobial frame, with an elastomeric gripping surface. Additional hardware is painted steel, with plastic cover plates. 

Rails are equipped with hinges that aid with folding, and keeping the rails in an upright position. The rail Ø 33 x 30 mm. Load-bearing capacity is 250 kg, with capacity of 225 kg from the side. Height adjustment range is 200 mm. 

Mounting hardware sold separately. 

Product details

  • Material: elastomer

  • Length: 670mm ,800mm or 900mm


Product Code (650mm) : 10116G

Product Code (820mm) : 10113G

Product Code (920mm) : 10115G

Product Code (650mm) : 10116R

Product Code (820mm) : 10113R

Product Code (920mm) : 10115R


Designed & made in Finland



Product Code : 1721

Stainless steel toilet paper holder for regal  support rail.



Product Code : 20120

The chest support bar can be attached to a shower seat with arm and back rests or support rails fixed on both sides of a toilet


Product details

  • Color: white

  • Rail color: grey RAL 7037

  • Material: elastomer

  • Width: 640mm

  • Height: 160mm