lift 2.JPG

Wall mounted model

lift 1.JPG

Floor mounted model

Svancare Lift

For you who want a helping lift when visiting the toilet.
If you have reduced strength in your arms and legs, you know that getting in and out of the toilet can be challenging. Svan lift is an intuitive lifting solution that helps you from sitting to standing position, or when moving from toilet to wheelchair and shower chair.
Svan Lift is easy to install, use and clean. The solution is battery-powered and lifts up to 95 cm. The armrests relieve and provide support, as well as being foldable to make room when moving to and from the wheelchair or shower chair.  
Straight lift or oblique lift?
Each Svan Lift delivers two different solutions that give you the choice between straight lifting or sloping lifting.
The inclined lift slopes 8 degrees forward and is particularly suitable for easy entry and exit. The sloping lift, on the other hand, requires enough leg strength to hold back before you are ready to stand up or move. I
Svan Lift is available  as a floor model (as pictured) or as a wall-mounted model. Both variants are capable of  both straight and sloping lifts.


Designed & made in Sweden